Let me tell ya about something New. Recently I was asked to try this lovely Organic Matcha Powder from Kiss Me Organics sold exclusively on Amazon. 



Matcha Green Tea Powder – ORGANIC – Amazon Exclusive

Green Tea Lattes – Smoothies – Matcha Baking – 4oz – All Day Energy – Superior Antioxidant Content – Improved Hair & Skin Health

  • ALL DAY ENERGY & FOCUS: Lift your vitality and concentration with the slow release natural energy from Organic Matcha
  • CALORIE BURNING BOOSTER: Support your weight loss goals with an all-natural way to increase your body’s metabolism
  • LATTES | SMOOTHIES | BAKING: Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder arrives in an easy-to-use airtight health grade packaging allowing for as much or as little use as you need for any occasion. Enjoy a relaxing latte in the morning, bake a dozen cupcakes or simply add a small boost to your morning smoothie
  • 137x ANTIOXIDANTS OF BREWED GREEN TEA: USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea can only be used in a powdered form because, unlike brewed green tea, it contains the entire tea leaf which dramatically increases the nutritional content.
  • FREE MATCHA RECIPE GUIDE EBOOK WITH PURCHASE: 50+ Recipes All Yours – Emailed After Purchase.


I love a quick and easy smoothie in the morning to drink on my commute to work, so I whipped up a Fresh Green Goodness Smoothie.


1 Cup Soy Milk

1/2 Banana

4 Large Strawberries

1 Tablespoon Organic Matcha

Makes 1 Smoothie. Blend and Enjoy!



So refreshing and clean tasting. I really enjoyed the smooth green tea flavor. I look forward to baking with Matcha. I found some really great recipes.

Here’s another recipe I found that is on my Matcha Must Make List.

Berry Good Morning Smoothie

½ cup cold orange juice
1 tsp. Matcha
2 tsp. warm water
1/3 cup chopped strawberries
1/3 cup blueberries
½ banana, sliced
1. Mix Matcha and warm water until blended.
2. Add all ingredients into a blender and run until smooth.
3. If needed, add more orange juice or water for a thinner smoothie.
Makes 1 cocktail.


If your interested in purchasing the Organic Matcha powder, please follow this link on Amazon.

Check Ya Later.



I did it I tried fish oil for the first time. Well actually I have been taking it for three weeks now.



I love supplements, but I was afraid of fish oil. The only reason is simple. “Fish Burps”  Yuck right. Well Body Vega Fish oil eliminates the fear of fish burps, here’s why. “Carefully crafted from deep-sea, cold water fish and molecularly distilled for purity from all toxins, BodyVega is designed to have maximum potency without the nasty fish taste or burps.”

Well I am proud to say I am now a fan. As a 45-year-old woman I need certain supplements now to aid me in my senior years. I DO plan on living a very long life and I want to stay as healthy as possible.

BodyVega Fish Oil

Product Description

Body Vega fish oil has Amazon’s highest concentration of DHA and EPA, so it supports many of the body’s processes for overall health and thriving well-being, including: -Brain function, so you’ll be more alert, focused, and happier -Healthy eyesight, including reducing tired, dry eyes -Reducing pain and inflammation -A healthy heart -Boosted mood

 With so many positive reviews I felt certain that I was going to like this product, but I let the product speak to me and here is my Amazon Review:

Like most people I was worried about the Fish Burps..but am happy to say after 3 full weeks of taking the fish oil I have not experienced any! I would recommend this product for anyone looking to take Omega-3 fish oil. I take it every day and it helps me feel great and feel more energized. I really feel with each day I have more energy. The soft gel capsules are easy to swallow and again DO NOT leave a fishy after taste like many other fish oil products. This is definitely a quality product for the price. My skin feels moisturized and fresh, and I have not changed any of my beauty routines. I also have noticed my hair has a bit more shine to it. Excellent Product, Quality Product.

Here are some additional information about this product:

  • 4.9 / 5 STAR AVERAGE RATING: Happy Customers Agree That BodyVega Fish Oil Is The Best Fish Oil Available Because It Is Potent And Has NO Fishy Burps! Just Read The Reviews, And You’ll See That BodyVega Fish Oil Has Unmatched Customer Satisfaction.
  • #1 CLEANEST AND PUREST FISH OIL: Sourced From Deep Sea, Cold Water Fish for Maximum Omega-3 Potency. Tested For Over 250 Contaminants, Including Mercury, And Molecularly Distilled For Guaranteed Purity.
  • STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE: From Chile and Norway, The #1 Recommend Source, So It Is Free Of Pacific Toxins Caused From Nuclear Fall Out.
  • MAXIMUM OMEGA-3 POTENCY: Doctor Recommended 1,500mg Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Up To 50% More Than Competitors’) For Guaranteed Reduced Inflammation and Less Joint Pain, And High EPA and DHA Levels Support Long-Term Eye, Heart and Joint Health, While Boosting Mood, Focus, and Productivity.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Love It Or Leave It. If, For Whatever Reason, You Don’t Love BodyVega Fish Oil, Just Return The Empty Bottles For A Full No Questions Asked Refund

Check Ya Later.

My Friends over at BodyVega have offered a coupon code for $5.00 off a product order by using the code: BODYFIVE.



I recently got my sprouts on. I have a set of Sprouting Jars and its been a while since I sprouted so I thought a Spring sprout was needed. The variety of seeds I am using is a 3 part mix of Alfalfa, Radish and Broccoli. So they are a much small sprout than the Mung bean sprouts you typically find in the vegetable section at the grocery store.

I added 1/4 cup of seeds to my jar and then 4 cups of warm water which you soak for 6-8 hours. After the 6-8 hours you just drain the water and rinse the seeds and then store in a warm dark location for 3 days. You must rinse the seeds two to three times per day during the sprouting cycle.


The easy straining caps makes it convenient to strain fresh water to the sprouts.


This little amount of seeds will produce a huge amount of sprouts.


Here are my sprouts after only one day. I rinsed them twice and left out on the counter to soak up some sun for an hour, that seems to help green up the sprouts. It is recommendation but is not necessary.


Here are my sprouts on day two. Wow, this is going to be a huge amount of sprouts.


Here are my sprouts on day three. They are ready to be strained, stored and consumed.


Just soaking in water and gently swishing around does a good job of getting the hulls to float up.



Sprouts are ready to be served.


My all time favorite way to eat them is on a piece of pita bread with hummus.


Basic Sprouting Instructions:

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar

Growing sprouts in a jar is easy. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Place one to two tablespoons of seeds in your jar, and cover with approximately two inches of warm water. Let this sit 6-8 hours or overnight depending on the sprouting seed you are using.
  2. Drain the water, using a sprouting jar with the draining lid or just use a fine sieve or cheesecloth.
  3. Rinse the seeds by adding water the jar, swishing the seeds around, and draining.
  4. Repeat twice a day, every day until your sprouts are the desired size. This will take anywhere from three to seven days, depending on the variety of sprout you’re growing. Sprouts are best when they’re still fairly small and just starting to turn green.
  5. Store your sprouts in a covered bowl or food storage bag with a paper towel inside to absorb excess moisture. Use the sprouts within a week.

Check Ya Later.

When I travel  I love to pack my bag. I know most people dislike it, but I love the challenge of packing as light as possible. I love to carry on my bag and make my trip about the destination and not the hassles. I have it down to an art. Here is how I roll.

393Snacks are a must! So is a good hat and fun jewelry. I love my gopicnic boxes when I travel. 


I also use small all in one compacts and make-up samples.

405 404

I also always back Hot and Ice patches..Sitting to long on a flight always hurts my back so I always pack a few. Tunes and entertainment are a must. I love passing the time doing crosswords.

400 401

Then I have to pack my Special stuff. Lysol, Emergen-C, my Gin-Gins ginger throat drops, alcohol wipes and any other go to item I usually travel with.

402 403

I always pack sinus meds in small bags to save space. I also always pack tons of facial sample size moisturizer packets, my skin gets so dry when I travel.



My Ultimate favorite items to pack are Shampoo/Conditioner bars from Lush and my bar beleza swivel stick which is a moisturizer and a makeup removal solid. TSA does not care about solid bars so I can carry them on and not have to buy hair care at my destination!


Just a few of my favorite packing tips!

Check Ya Later.

Elf on the Shelf Chihuahua Style!

It’s never to late to share Holiday Pictures, especially if doggies are in the pictures. I found this Buddy the Elf at a local Salvation Army about five years ago and he loves to tease my “Fury Kids” and now that Elf on the Shelf seems to be everywhere over the holidays, I thought I contribute a few of my own tricks I played on Ginger and Stuart.

Buddy the Elf promotes clean teeth.


Stuart smelled his Greenies instantly and had to see what was happening.


Ginger letting out her true feelings for Buddy the Elf. Stuart don’t care.


Buddy the Elf loves PIE.


Stuart does not share food, so he really is not getting why Buddy the Elf is even NEAR his bowl.

Hide and Seek with Buddy the Elf. Bonus treats for finding him.

Ginger is willing to share with Buddy the Elf.

Silly Buddy was head first in the dogs food container.

Ginger always kept one eye on Buddy the Elf. I think she has a crush.


But Buddy the Elf loves the Christmas Duck.


and Buddy the Elf was too busy just hanging around.


Ginger and Stuart really got into opening their gifts this year.


Stuart really took charge of opening.

CIMG4086 CIMG4085 CIMG4088 CIMG4089 CIMG4090 CIMG4091 CIMG4092CIMG4095

Which means Ginger Benefited. Okay Ginger open your eyes!


Really Open them you have gifts…..


There you go good girl!


They both got a fun treat from their Nana.


and then it was off to bed.

Well, maybe Ginger was out, but Stuart was still hoping for more goodies.



Love my little kids. They bring me endless joy, happiness and constant laughter.

Tribute to Charlie my Fur Brother. He died last January. We miss him every single day. My mom and dad miss him so. He sure was great company for them, so I make sure they get lots of Grand Puppy visits to help when they are sad. RIP dear Brother. “I’ll be seeing You”.



Question: Do you celebrate any holidays with your pets? I know I am not the only one! 

Check Ya Later.

SUP? All I can think about lately is Soup. Rustic, Hearty Soup. I have been craving it. Between my Chili and Stew obsession, Soup has been on my menu at least once a week. It has been a very cold winter and nothing seems to keep you going and satisfied like big old bowl of Soup.

The recipe that recently caught my eye was this Hearty Crock Pot Cheesy Potato Soup. This recipe is NOT fat-free in any way. It is rich and full of love. It is straight up Comfort Food.


I found this recipe on Cooks.com.

Crock Pot Cheese Potato Soup


Original Recipe from COOKS.COM Submitted by: MamaLJ

5 Idaho Potatoes, Peeled and Diced
1 White Onion, chopped
4 cups 2% Milk
2 Campbell’s Cheddar Cheese Soup
1 1/2 Cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 Stick Salted Butter
1 Cup Sour Cream
1/2 Cup Scallions, chopped
3 Slices Crispy Bacon
Salt and Pepper, to Taste

In a large Crock pot add potatoes, white onion, milk, cheddar cheese soup and 1 stick of butter (sliced), mix well and cover. Cook on low for 5-6 hours (until potatoes are fork tender). Stir in the sour cream and shredded cheddar, recover and let cook an additional 20 minutes. Ladle soup into bowls and garnish with green onions, bacon bits and a dollop of sour cream.

Spoon into your Favorite Bowl and Enjoy!

So to really play up my Rustic Soup Day, I planned it around my rest day this past Sunday. So I stayed in my Pj’s all day, put the soup in the crock, and watched The Breaking Bad Marathon while the soup did its thing. It was just what I needed. This recipe makes 8-10 large bowls of soup. So be ready for the Best Part. Soup for days.


Have you gotten your soup on lately? Do you have a recipe to share or a past blog post you could link up to in the comment section? Lets get to sharing our favorite Soups!

Soups On Come and Get It.

Check Ya Later.

So here in Michigan we are used to snow days, hazard weather days, and power outages. We get high winds, freezing rain, below zero temperatures and sometimes we get 12″ of snow dumped on us overnight. Like most people who live in states with winter weather conditions we are usually always ready for whatever mother nature sends our way. Recently we had two back to back storms both resulting in power outage both lasting over 4 days. It is what it is. I plan for such events by having what I may need. Flash lights, batteries, fuel, propane, food, water and other such necessities.  We also have a generator. It  does not run the entire house but it give us what we need.


So on our latest power outage the temperature in the house dropped down to 32 degrees. But that was warm compared to the 13 below zero temperatures and high winds outside. We keep it simple when the power goes out. We run a small generator for a lamp, our TV and a small room heater, we also are able to charge our cell phones. We have a propane heat buddy that heats our bedroom. I have a Nuwave heat top that I use to heat cans of soup and easy heat up can meals, I saw it on an infomercial and then later found it at Kohl’s. It worked out so well. It does not use a lot of energy so it safely runs off my generator. I also really rely on hearty protein meal replacement bars and healthy snacks.


Having a generator is not a cure-all for a power outage, unless you have an entire house hook-up. We have a portable one so it cannot run the entire home. We also have a well for our water so to run our pump and the well we have dedicate the entire generator to the water when we need it. We take showers and wash dishes and fill up water bottles and get done what we need and then reconnect back to our lamp, tv and heater. Our propane heat buddy is a life saver, it really kicks off heat and keeps us warm when the generator is hooked up to the well and pump.


When we go to bed we shut off the generator to conserve the fuel and we go dark. We have our routine down quite well. So when it comes down to it my main concern is always food and water. I always have lots of options on hand but I am always looking for easy meals and foods that keep us going.

Some new health snacks recently arrived at my door. Thanks to my wonderful friends over at Van’s Natural Foods.


Check out their new snack line. So many snacks, so much snow.


Van’s Multigrain Chips (MSRP: $3.29-$3.49) in Nacho, Nacho, Man! and Mighty Good BBQ! are loaded with 18 grams of whole grains and just 130 calories per serving. Made with gluten-free oats, brown rice, millet, quinoa and amaranth, Van’s Multigrain Chips are crispy, crunchy and bursting with flavor. These guilt-free treats keep it real, containing no high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils or GMO oils, and they’re great for dipping or enjoying right out of the bag. 15 chips/130 calories.

Hello Nacho, Nacho, Man. They certainly did not skimp on the Nacho flavor one bit. Like Pow! In your face Nacho Flavor. Loved the Mighty Good BBQ flavor also, they were really crisp chips packed with flavor.


Van’s PB&J Sandwich Bars (MSRP: $3.99 – $4.49), a delicious, classic blend of real peanut butter and fruit jelly, sandwiched between two whole grain, gluten-free bars. This sweet, chewy delight, available in Blueberry and Strawberry, is perfect for a quick, healthy breakfast, lunchtime treat, snack or dessert featuring 10 grams of whole grains. 1bar/160 calories.


I am obsessed with these bars. They literally taste like a PB&J. So rich and smooth. Perfect to just pack in your bag and go or snack on anytime. Very satisfying.


Van’s Love Your Heart Waffles (MSRP: $3.49). These Non-GMO Project-certified waffles feature 1 gram of heart-healthy soluble fiber, 34 grams of whole grains and is made from a mix of whole grains including whole wheat, barley, oats and more. Warm, yummy and deliciously heart healthy—talk about a loving way to start the day.

Van’s also included this serving platter with a quote from Julia Child. Loving it!


Thanks Van’s, you certainly turned a snowy situation into a better snacking opportunity. I know I’m gonna keep a box of those PB&J Sandwich Bars on hand just in case we get hit with another storm. Well maybe I’ll keep two on hand..

Check Out Van’s Twitter Page Here.

Van’s History

You may not know it, but Van’s has been cooking up tasty, good-for-you waffles for almost a half century. It all started back in the 1970s at the original Van’s restaurant. It was there, inspired by our California beachside roots, that we first dished up whole grain and gluten-free hot ’n toasty waffles. By the late 1980s, we decided it was time to bring our tasty waffles to a whole new group of customers – right in their local grocery stores.

That same passion for seriously healthy, seriously tasty foods lives on at Van’s today. We value artisanal quality and we cook our products in small, minimally processed batches with always-fresh ingredients. And since we want everyone to be able to enjoy our waffles, we offer gluten-free waffles along with organic, mini and our signature 8 Whole Grain varieties.

The original Van’s restaurant may no longer be dishing out waffles on the beach, but we still pack the same sunny Southern California spirit into every product we make. Our only hope is that you’ll enjoy Van’s foods as much as we enjoy creating them.

Check out my previous Van’s Posts here:

Van’s Natural Foods

VanTastic Snacks

Check Ya Later.


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